Graph showing scale of Voltage, Temperature, and Fan Speeds

This data was collected at 30 minute intervals by lm-sensors for nearly a whole week. The data show each reading as a percentage of the difference between the lowest and highest reading for that data. My maths teacher used to call this "scaling". FWIW, the high Vcore reading is 1.41v, and the low 1.28. The maximum temperature is 52 centigrade for Core 1, 50 for Core 2; minima were 29c. and 31c respectively. The low fan speed is 609 RPM, the high 1024. The machine is folding through the week, with the stop between Work Units responsible for the trough measurements. The sudden drop in all measurements to the right of the graph shows the point at which I took the machine off automatic voltage regulation, and reduced the manual voltage setting by 0.0625 volts.

Voltage down, temps down, fan speed lower